Monday, December 2, 2013

Home and getting settled.

We finally made it home the night of Nov 23rd.  I had hoped to keep blogging through out our trip and after we got home but the trip didn't go as planned and jet lag got the best of us.
The flight was long but we were so happy to be home and seconds away from our family being together.  I will let the pictures tell the rest!

Meilin did not mind the attention or all the pictures as you can see!



It was nice to be home but difficult at the same time.  Their were so many things around the house reminding us that the trip didn't go as planned.  We are still trying to take everything in that happened and figure out why.  I am more at peace each day that we don't and may never have all the answers.  It was such a hard thing to go through.  It left a scar in all of us but we need to move forward.  We need to celebrate Meilin as well and that is what we are doing!

Meilin is doing really well.  Most of the time it feels like she has always been here!  Today we were getting Max and Mia ready for preschool and Meilin went and grabbed her backpack!  We took her in with them to see their room and she was trying to find her cubbie to hang her stuff up on.  Looks like she will be starting preschool with them sooner than we planned!  She is ready to go.

I will try to post more pics of our time in China and her first Thanksgiving this week!


  1. I am praying for your family. My heart sings though with every post of Meilin. I have admired her from the other side of the world while she was at new day. I am so happy her family found her. I can tell she is a truly amazing treasure. I think her gotcha day is one for the history books.

    1. Thanks! She is doing really well and fits in perfectly! That includes good times and bad. Her gotcha day really was perfect. Most don't go like that but hers did. We are very lucky to have her!